My name is
Michael Vaughn Green
I am a Visual
Experience Designer
Side Projects | 2022 Fall Launch
design LOVES code
design LOVES code is a dedicated group focused on creating a safe space to discuss the intersection of visual design and creative programming. We are passionate about CSS, SVGs, and animated design. Please join us today.
Side Projects | Games
10 out of 10
We are successfully funded on Kickstarter! We are currently in post production and will shipping out to our backets in later August.
Side Projects | AIGA
2021 Summer Mural Walk
For AIGA I created a mural walking tour of Logan Square in Chicago. The tour encompassed a dedicated route that highlighted the unique and diverse art that is painted around the neighborhood. Reach out for a personal tour!
Writings | VX: Visual Experience Design
Is UI dead? As digital products and services have become more ubiquitous in our daily lives, the challenge to adapt to the influx of digital work has never been more challenging. Traditional agencies and design shops continue to struggle with implementing …
Side Projects | Podcasts
Comics of the Atom Podcast
Carson Woodard and Michael Vaughn Green deep dive into influential comic arcs and their creators. Exploring the history of the book, the individuals who worked on the book and how those comics changed an entire industry.

What I do.

Epsilon | Chicago

Lead Interaction Designer

AIGA | Chicago

Interactive Programming

Columbia Chicago | Chicago

IAM Adjunct Faculty

Night City Games | Chicago

Partner & Game Artist

Pizza Donut | Creative Co

Founder & Creative Director

Web | Internet

Junk Artist

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I’m always open to collaborate, learn and advocate.
Please reach out so we can do it together!